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01 July 2011 @ 10:13 am

Here are a list of all the screen captures I use and where I get them. I will be updating this entry with other resources such as textures, fonts...etc...


Screen captures

HDTV logoless Screen captures
Home of the Nutty |zip files and gallery |The Vampire Diaries, Various bluray movies
Midnight Road |zip files| White Collar parts of S2
Life is Caps |zip files | Community, The Vampire Diaries
True Feelings |zip files | The Vampire Diaries
Toxic Caps | zip files | Not sure things are complicated there
Gallicka | zip files | White Collar S3
Lieutenant Commander | zip files | Suits
Pretty Boxes | zip files | Burn Notice
Cap that Scene | gallery & zip files | Necessary Roughness, White Collar S3
Loaded Weapon | zip files | Suits
Kill Color |zip files and gallery| Dexter, Skins Chuck, Heroes, Psych S1 various movies
Grande_Caps|zip files and gallery| Awkward, Lost, Doctor Who... etc...
Fandom Forever|zip files|Royal Pains and more

HDTV logoed Screen captures
Rawr Caps |zip files and gallery |Parenthood, Psych, Skins, Modern Family, Community, various bluray movies
Fishstick theater | gallery |Community, Misfits S2
Summer Skin | zips and galleries|Misfits

DVD quality Screen Captures
Tell me Some Lies | zip files | Queer as Folk, South of Nowhere
Disparue| gallery | TV Shows, and movies

Movie Screen captures
Screenmusings |gallery | DVD and bluray movies
Burgundy Shoes | zip files | Various DVD and Bluray movies, various episodes of: White Collar, Psych
Leave me the White | gallery | DVD quality movies
Striped Wall | gallery | DVD quality movies and TV Shows

Screen captures by Samweed uploaded by request
Lost | zip files| bluray episodes
White Collar |zip files| bluray/iTunes S1 and S2 episodes
Community |zip files| iTunes all seasons


Sonrisa Alegre
RBD Graphics
Vampire Graphics
Fuck Yeah Reactions
Gif Giving

Fonts for Peas
Font.download a to z

Afiawri | .pdf files | White Collar
Lostpedia | html | Lost

NOTE: When I say zip files I mean it could be either .zip or .rar files.

How to make a screencap request:
You can request screencaps from either the shows listed above by going to my tumblr ask box or by replying to this entry.

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